How To Add Universal Theme Support For WordPress Post Formats Using A Plugin

Anyone who uses WordPress regularly knows about the Post Format feature and while it is great, the problem with it is that it is tied to the template you are using. And a lot of theme developers pick and choose which formats they support and some just straight up don't support them. Now while it isn't a problem if you have never used them, if you do use them, you tend to lose support for some formats when you change themes. Which is why after much contempt, I decided that I would just write a plugin to handle it.

How To Install WordPress Using XAMPP

If you are learning to be a developer or building a site, clearly you would need some way of testing what you're building so that you can get rid of whatever bugs your site may have. This is where XAMPP comes in, XAMPP is a packaged development software, that comes with everything you need to set up your test server, and get your work done.

PrettyPhoto Lightboxing Script

So I was testing my home server that has an installation of WordPress and acts as a back up for this blog.. anyway... i downloaded the light-boxing script "pretty photo" from No Margin For Errors and I when I had installed it I realized it did not have a flash player so I added my own add ins and it is now using jwplayer as its flash player here is the code and the walk through of what I did