How To: Create a Universal Windows 7 Installation Disk

This tutorial is useful if you are a computer technician (like me) and have to constantly be reinstalling Windows 7 on various client’s computers. It prevents you from having to search for each edition of windows 7 and also helps to save you money.


Useful Windows Shortcuts

Since the launch of Windows 8, a lot of desktop users have hated the new look, I personally am not a big fan of it, but here are some shortcuts that I found that could help out with everyday tasks.

How To Setup Virtual Hosts Using XAMPP

By default XAMPP sets up all the sites you create to have http://localhost as its top level domain, and giving your site http://localhost/site as the url unless you install your site in the top level folder. But what happens when you have multiple sites or you want to test out environments which would require you to have different domains, well I am going to teach you to do just that.