How To Install WordPress on Ubuntu Server

Just looking at this tutorial, it seems hard to do, but the majority of it, is pretty simple, and if you got the server up and running, then this tutorial isn't so hard


How To Install PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server

The next step on our road to becoming a web guru, with the turban, and spices, and mystical rug, (so going to get hate for that line), but whatever, today we learn to install phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu Server, same thing applies if you're using a desktop.

How To Install WordPress Using XAMPP

If you are learning to be a developer or building a site, clearly you would need some way of testing what you're building so that you can get rid of whatever bugs your site may have. This is where XAMPP comes in, XAMPP is a packaged development software, that comes with everything you need to set up your test server, and get your work done.